Sign Of The Razor

by Fallen Fucking Angels (F.F.A:)

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released April 17, 2015

Recorded at Westlink studios in Cascina in September 2014 by Ale "Ovi" Sportelli, Ale Paolucci & F.F.A.

F.F.A. are
Filippo "Butch" Belli: Drums & Vocals
Stefano Giusti: Guitars & Vocals
Cristian Angelini: Guitars
Leo Tomei: Bass

Photosession by Stefano Tonacchera & Sacha Pardini
Model: Alessia Bertola
Booklet layout by Stefano Tonacchera & F.F.A.
Cover concept by Cristian Angelini



all rights reserved


Fallen Fucking Angels (F.F.A:) Forte Dei Marmi, Italy

Born in 1997, F.F.A. are a pure heavy speed metal band coming out from northern Tuscany (Italy), taking their main influences out of Exciter, Motorhead, Razor, Anvil, Savage Grace and adding some punk influences and a dose of humor. Some demos, a relentless live activity through italian underground and four cds, the last one is "Sign Of The Razor", released in april 2015! Check it out ! ... more

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Track Name: Sign Of The Razor
Fear and madness fill the air
My KILLER INSTINCT rising, I'm ready for the NIGHT ATTACK

Midnight, the time when I strike
The flashing of the blade is raising my need to kill

Prowling for my next prey
My HOT METAL blade, thirsty for another CUT THROAT

My SNAKE EYES will find some other fresh meat to slice

Stab and slash!
I will mark you with my sign!
Sign... Of... The... Razor!

Guitar solo: Cristian

A TORTURED SKULL is crying, pain will satisfy my pleasure

You'll know the MEANING OF PAIN
Ask for an INSTANT DEATH to stop this MENTAL TORTURE
Sink, the blade into your skin

Blood is spilling everywhere
Whisper your last words to pray for THE END

Track Name: Ready To Explode
Night is turning black, lights are burning red
Blood is oiling hot, heading for the top

Seeking for some heat, walking down the streets
Leather, lace and chains - A nightmare on high heels

Night of fire and desire
Dancing on your chest
Ready to explode
Night of fire and desire
Dancing on your grave
Ready to explode

Ready to explode!

Guitar solo: Stefano

Hot and dressed to kill, every bone's a thrill
Sweating from my brow, watching what she shows

She winks her eyes with lust, undress herself so fast
Bursting outta her shirt, licking up her lips

Go Down!

Guitar solo: Cristian

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: K.K.K. (Kous Kous Klan)
Ready for war
Let’s save the world
Manipulate the truth
Propaganda rages on
Global strategy
Spreading the remorse
Eradicate the omnivores
Drown’em in their blood

Here we come !
We’ll blow you away !
We are the… Kous Kous Klan !
K.K.K. ! Kous Kous Klan ! K.K.K. !

Ecological warfare
In every street
Who eats a steak
Will be burned at the stake
Green hooded legions
will save planet earth
We’ve got the right
God is on our side

Repeat Chorus

Guitar solo: Cristian

Kous Kous Klan !
Kous Kous Klan ! K.K.K. ! Kous Kous Klan !

Guitar solo: Cristian

Kous Kous Klan !
Track Name: Horny Housewives
Arriving in the morning as her husband’s leaving home
I slip along the walls, chilled to the bone
As a love hungry thief I jump over the hedge
The window now is opened, she’s waiting on her bed

Oooooh she’s so warm and sweet
Oooooh I’ll give her what she needs

Horny housewife ! Ready to be loved
Horny housewife ! She needs what I got
Horny housewife ! So hot and ready
Horny housewife ! My horny lady

She’s ready to be rocked, her skin smells so sweet
Carnivorous and ravenous, she wants to taste my meat
She rides me so wild, an amazon of love
I’m ready to explode but she’s just asking for more

Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus

Guitar solo: Cristian

Our brows are still sweatin’ but now I have to go
My duty is done, I fed her lust for love
“See you tomorrow”, I kissed her way goodbye
I swear I will return my hot horny housewife

Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus
Track Name: Change Of Address
Many years after everything seems gone
Yesterday was better, today there's hell on earth

Missing the unreal, living into a dream
Escape from this madness, break this damned cage.

Change of address
Senseless realm
Change of address

Back to this place, the door is closed again
Trying to force the entry until you'll stop the game

Before it didn't mean nothing, now it's a bitter loss
It could be shocking to see this empty room.

Repeat Chorus

…Ghosts and fear… The four walls
Conflict or war ?

Guitar solo Cristian

Tell me what is wrong in your brain
When the old tales become real pain

Repeat Chorus

…Ghosts and fear… The four walls
Conflict or war ?
Track Name: Storm On The World
Look at the world falling down
Wings of death, forged by battle
As destiny says: “Time has come”
An hungry dog will kill the dog

People want their leaders
The final way is exterminate
Remember boy, life’s a bitch
There’s always a bastard ready to eat your meat

Ride towards the end… Clash of the world…

Storm on the world, straight to its end
Storm on the world, man’s going mad

Senseless theories, ideologies
Reign of terror, on Europe
Wait for the gods, the strong man to come
Turn off your brain, World war !

The Road to hell (is) ready to be
The last thing you’ll see (you’ll see)
The flash of the bombs, slaughter all over
Roar of the tanks on the bunker of death

Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus

Guitar solo: Cristian

Hitler, Stalin, Reagan, Pol Pot
So the madness begins… Let your death be their fucking victory

Guitar solo: Cristian

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Snake Eyes
Pretty as an angel, but the bone of the devil
The smile of a fox, but talking on the level
The figure of a lady peekin' through the holes
Tying down my wings, pulling on my soul

Your fingers are snakes, they're eyes and they see
Every time we touch you take a bite out of me
Driftin' through my head, all the things that you said
What is written on the walls isn't right until it's read
So read: with your snake eyes

You're the devil's daughter, I've met him, skip the fakin'
You've been growing horns since your halo has been taken
In the trap you were the bait, that was your mistake
I never cared a bit for dirt or a black-eyed city snake

I was hardly temped with a wink and a bottle of sin
I had my own three bottles of the driest kinda gin
Undressed you with my eyes and then I realized
Your rolling dice and broken wings gave in to your disguise
Gave in: to your snake eyes

Guitar solo: Cristian

Everything at stake but I've learned my lesson well
You're giving me the choice will I roll heaven or is it hell
Remove the flashy costume, show me what you've got
A taste of what's below, so you'd better make it hot

Can't you see me laughing, you're begging with your cries
The fireballs I'm throwing are burning in your eyes
I can't roll a seven or even an eleven
Give me staring snake eyes, I wasn't made for heaven
Surprise: I've got snake eyes

Guitar solo: Stefano
Track Name: Not So Stupid (To Lose Weight For Love)
This is a story of master and slave
Total submission, no free will
She is the huntress, I am her prey
A blackmail is upon me

Not so stupid to lose weight for love
I am a man, not your dog
Don’t waste your time I will not change
Not so stupid to lose weight for love
You’re my woman, not my doc
Don’t waste your time I will not change

You can't eat this, you can't drink that
You're just a slave, a mere yesman
Closed in a cage, just like a rat
Your casket is ready you can't escape

Twin guitars solo: Cristian & Stefano
Guitar solo: Cristian

Repeat Chorus