Italian Restaurant

by Fallen Fucking Angels (F.F.A:)

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Notes about the tracks:

‘Roadpigs On The Highway’ features Gerre from Tankard as guest vocalist and shows our love for travelling and above all for stopping at every Autogrill (Italian word for gas station with restaurant along the highways).

No politics in ‘Vega(n)azism’ simply a joke about some vegan people who are not properly tolerant with everyone who hasn’t the same ideas.

‘Ludicrous Speed’ and ‘B-Movie Mania’ are our tributes to cinema: the first one is about Mel Brooks’ ‘Space Balls’ while the second one (sung in Italian) is our tribute to Italian sexy comedies of the 70s.

Last but not least our tribute to football with ‘Stopper' (English version of our single ‘Stopper’, you can find a video on youtube!), dedicated to old style football and against modern football. In the chorus we remember some old football players of the past as Terry Butcher, Klaus Augenthaler, Marcello Lippi, Romeo Benetti (playing in Juventus and Milan in the 70s) and Pasquale Bruno (playing with Torino FC in the 90s and nicknamed “The Animal” for his rough playing)… enjoy our speed metal pork’n’roll !


released July 20, 2012

F.F.A. are:
Filippo "Butch” Belli: drums & lead vocals
Leonardo Tomei: Bass
Stefano Giusti: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Alberto Moriani: Guitars

"Italian Restaurant" was recorded and mixed at "Green House Studio" in Capezzano Pianore (LU) by Giordano Bonuccelli and F.F.A. during winter/spring 2012.

cover and booklet by Andrea Toto and F.F.A.
photos by: Jowita Kaminska & Simone A. Peruzzi



all rights reserved


Fallen Fucking Angels (F.F.A:) Forte Dei Marmi, Italy

Born in 1997, F.F.A. are a pure heavy speed metal band coming out from northern Tuscany (Italy), taking their main influences out of Exciter, Motorhead, Razor, Anvil, Savage Grace and adding some punk influences and a dose of humor. Some demos, a relentless live activity through italian underground and four cds, the last one is "Sign Of The Razor", released in april 2015! Check it out ! ... more

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Track Name: Lost Over The Mountain
Track Name: Annapurna
Where the eagle flies away faster
one more second before the disaster
From a dream comes a nightmare
when a lonely man climbs the highest
Counting only on your strength
No need of oxygen or other helps
Living the spirit of a mountain
inside your cold leather coffin

Death ! In ice and snow
Fear the spirit of Annapurna
Taste ! The freezing white hell
Can't return from Annapurna, build your grave on Annapurna

Now your sherpa is fallen asleep
Blue the color of his skin
You're the next, you have just to wait
to know what will be your fate
Every risk was calculated
but it’s time to meet the maker
But to glory I’ll be bound
Annapurna my burial ground

Your mind is totally frozen, a deep blue beyond your eyes
Your legs are paralyzed, your hands have lost their senses

Death ! In ice and snow
Fear the spirit of Annapurna
Taste ! The freezing white hell
Can't return from Annapurna It’s better to make a travel to Burma !

Death in ice and snow !
Taste the freezing white hell !
Death in ice and snow !
Annapurna !!!
Track Name: Italian Restaurant
Lyrics: Belli / Giusti
Music: Belli
Track Name: Road Pigs On The Highway
After six days of a nightmare called dayjob
Into a world full of pieces of shit
Loving money, living in misery
Less than a leech, spending time to lick an ass

Jumpin’ in a car and no, it’s not a Porsche
Another gig, but it’s not Donington
Not for money, glory, sex or drugs
Give us pizza and pork ribs all night long

Leave me in "Autogrill" after ten miles trip
Leave us in "Autogrill “Please another sandwich!”
Here We are…

We Are Road Pigs, We Are Road Pigs On the Highway

A lot of things could just break our balls
A storm of bullshit or stupid wannabes
I ask myself "Why do I carry on ?"
The answer is "the lunch before the show !"

I see their faces for another night again
A few real friends and thousand double faced
For the first ones I'm here to play again
Sharing ham, sausages and wine
Track Name: Vega(n)azism
The troops are marching
armed to the teeth
Guns made of salad
against the steak

The road to hell
is paved of good intentions
They want to save us
but inside they’re slimy and sly

VEGA(N)AZISM Ultimate fashion's crusade

They hate technology
but they don’t disdain pc
They love animals
with human's egocentrism
They're not black sheeps
but just hypocrites
The leeches of tomorrow
ready to take control
Track Name: Ludicrous Speed
We're the fastest metal race
The speed of light is just too slow
Your brains are going into your feet
Metal at the highest speed
Let’s this fuckin’ ship go
Prepare yourself to our speed

We’re the masters of the space
Can’t you stop the “total speed” ?
We’re the masters of the space And we go…

It's what we need, an overdose of speed
We brake for nobody… Ludicrous Speed, GO GO

Take care of your edge bone
Fasten your seat belts really close
The thunder roars into your head
Unstoppable acceleration
Let’s start this dangerous race
Have fun in the deep space

We’re the masters of the space
Can’t you stop the “total speed” ?
We’re the masters of the space And we go…

We're the fastest metal race
The speed of light is just too slow
Your brains are going into your feet
Track Name: B Movie Mania
Ai suoi tempi Lino Banfi a nonno Libero dava calci in cul
B MOVIE MANIA il nostro “Essai”
Morandini no, non ci sperare

Stasera ho tanto tempo, non ho niente da fare
e non mi va di uscire
Accendo la tv quella scatola laggiù
che troppo spesso fa vomitare
Né cine panettoni o film da “due coglioni”
stasera ho da divertirmi
L’antenna è li che trema la Fenech non si frena
e Renzo sta per arrivare

Pasquale Zagaria ama mamma e polizia
vieni avanti coi “Cornetti alla Crema”
E’ un cinema per tutti, per belli e anche per brutti
che cosa vuoi di più ?
Questa è la nostra storia per chi non ha memoria
ho un bel consiglio da dare
No ai cinedizionari e ai critici severi
e guarda quel che cazzo ti pare
Track Name: Less But Better
Far In the middle of the night
Under a blackened sky
Armed with our swords
Here After the golden age
Nobody wanted to fight and the flame was going to die

For us this is the only law
Less… but better

There From the castle to bridge
The ruins stand by our feet
The tears remain the same
Arise, The black knight never sleeps
Towns, cities and street fall down when he arrives

Now The judgment day has come
The dust covers everyday
But maybe it's not too late
Because Forget is a crime
No surrender to the false
Cowards are everywhere

For us this is the only law
In pain and victory
Less... but better
Track Name: I'm The Stopper
Italian soccer is proudly defensive, motherfuckers!

Goalkeeper’s crazy, midfielder’s good
Goleador’s an idol, but the stopper is only a man
The crowd hates him, he doesn’t care
He bites the legs as a salmon is hunted by a bear

It’s time to pay for those nice faces
Considered as a shit
Born to be the last one
thrash without mercy

Like Terry Butcher, Marcello Lippi
I am the stopper… No way, no way !
There’s Augenthaler or Benetti
I am the stopper, I am the beast

People are hungry, they want have fun
Newspaper’s shit good only to be burnt
I’m sick and tired of their hypocrisy
I’m here to bring a nightmare into your senseless dreams

I am the savage beast
I have got no talent, but you are at risk
Stop the ball and go away
’Cause by a red card I ain’t afraid... Pasquale Bruno !

’34, ‘38, ’82, 2006… motherfuckers !